How the GDR operates

GDR directors

  • Marie-Eve Joël, LEDA-LEGOS, Université de Paris-Dauphine
  • Jean-Marie Robine, CERMES (UMR 8211 - Inserm U988) and MMDN (Inserm/EPHE UMR 1198) 

Executive board

The executive board comprises six members: the two GDR directors, three representatives of public research bodies (EPST) and one representative of the national pension fund, CNAV.

  • Jean-Philippe Viriot-Durandal, 2L2S, Université de Lorraine
  • Chantal Cases, INED
  • Archana Singh-Manoux, CESP, Inserm
  • Pascale Breuil, CNAV department of statistics, forecasting and research

The key disciplines involved are represented: economics, epidemiology, demography, sociology as are the main institutions that provide human or financial resources for the GDR.

The Executive board’s function is to specify all the conditions required for the GDR to be set up and ensure it operates properly.

Steering committee

The executive board becomes a steering committee by adding representatives of the various research questions addressed by the GDR.

Annual General Meeting

The GDR General Meeting is held once a year during the GDR annual conference. During the AGM, new teams participating in the GDR are introduced and its strategic options are discussed; for example, when representatives are re-elected every two or four years.


  • Schéma de gouvernance

Calendrier des instances de gouvernance - 2017

Bureau : 7 février 2017, 6 juin 2017, 5 septembre 2017, 7 novembre 2017

COPIL : 4 avril 2017

Assemblée Générale : 4 décembre 2017