GDR Longevity and Aging (Longévité et Vieillissements)


Le Groupement de Recherche multi-organismes consacré aux opportunités et défis posés par l’augmentation de la longévité et la reconfiguration des cycles de vie des populations européennes (GDR 3662, 2014-2017), connu sous le nom de GDR Longévité et vieillissements, a terminé son mandat.

The GDR (Groupement De Recherche) is a purely coordinating structure: it aims to encourage closer links between teams and their response to national and European calls for proposals by providing them with all possible support.

The GDR is based on existing structures and does not replace or compete with other coordinating structures but seeks rather to give them greater visibility.

The GDR proposes activities targeted at bringing the French research community together on these questions. It runs various types of short academic conferences, produces a newsletter and has a website, circulates information about current calls for projects, major surveys, French and European databases, major research networks.


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